Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Who Ate All The Pies?

Brilliant, I thought very much the same myself, but wasn't pithy enough to sum it up like sagenz - 'I guess he had a dump'
That news of course is that, so far, Horomia has only lost 3kg on his slim-down.
I worried back in August that Horomia was dreaming when he decided to lose 30kg. Best of luck to him.
Apparently half the problem is that he spends too much time at huis. Remember those figures that came up about how much was being spent feeding participants of huis on prisons and the foreshore and seabed bill.
$20 goes on Horomia having tucked into a fair bit of those thousands or millions or whatever it cost. Oh hang on, $20 of my cash probably already has.

Anyhow, how funny are these three. This is from 12 May 2004

Rt Hon Winston Peters: Has the Deputy Prime Minister considered putting some funds and resources aside so that certain members of Parliament, who are running around the country misleading—

Gerry Brownlee: Here we go. The white knight.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: Did the member say the “wide” one?

Mr SPEAKER: Please be seated. I have warned members. Mr Brownlee does happen to be in a certain privileged position in this place, and he knows he should not have interjected at that point. On this occasion I will ask him to stand, withdraw, and apologise.

Gerry Brownlee: I withdraw and apologise.

Mr SPEAKER: Please start again.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: I ask the Deputy Prime Minister whether he has given consideration to setting aside resources and finances to enable certain members of Parliament, who are running around this country, misinforming the public, to be properly educated on the provisions of this bill, which is clearly not the case now?

Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: No, but in just over 2 weeks I will be presenting a Budget that is both prudent and is spending significant sums on assistance for low to middle income families. Unfortunately I do not have any money left over for the impossible task of trying to educate members of the National Party.


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