Friday, October 08, 2004

Best Website Ever

Thanks to NZ Pundit for pointing out this.

It is a brilliant piece of writing, that has one of the strongest voices I've read (think Hitch before he disappeared up his own righteousness and still had fun with language, instead of wielding it as a defense mechanism) cleverly and in a way few would attempt today. A refreshing lack of PC from an anthropologist with a finely attuned sense of humour.

The website it is from, that of Roger Sandall, is one of the most endlessly engaging sites I've stumbled across. The best discovery since The Atlantic Monthly stopped being free, and I'm still waiting for my long promised subscription to it.
This site made my week. It features an article comparing Lawrence of Arabia (my pet obsession, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom is, as Churchill had it, one of the finest works in the English language) and Mohammed Atta. Exploring his failings and dangerous fatalism exquisitely.

Damn. I feel like a dirty fetishist stumbling upon something that rings all my bells quite so.

In other news, how funny is the intellectual ping-pong between Cohen, Nippert, and the ice skating rink?

Barbs flying like a battle on the Nation's letters page, except none of the writers involved are wet and sanctimonious. It is almost like a freestyle battle, not too distant from the breakdancing that may have sparked it all....

It keeps getting wittier at each turn, I thought Matt was hilarious, and then the rink came back hard. All in jest though?

Apologies for the pompous Iraq post the other day. I had a half-hearted desire to write something worthy, with half-hearted results.

On the plus side my flippancy on the drug policy, in a piece written to be read out on attention-deficit breakfast radio (an indictment of my writing, not the station or the listeners, before I raise any more heckles) has managed to rile up some Greens.

Glad to see someone is out there. Although no-one has disagreed with calling Kedgley a relentless I-know-better-than-you-type. Funny that.

I like the Greens, especially Nandor. The last thing I'd ever want to do is give them a country to run, as they are McGilliguddy Serious Party in drag, in that they also want to reverse everything to some form of pre-industrial paradise that never existed, but they call it protectionism. But I like them. They have very sensible ideas on things like drugs and justice, if you are sufficiently broad-minded to accommodate them. Their worrying love for regulation and prescription means I couldn't vote for them, but it is lovely to have them there. Sue Bradford is brilliant - one of the few in Parliament who actually is there too serve rather than push barrows.

Perhaps, like all of ACT and NZ First's formerly rubbished policies (remember the scorn Labour and National used to pour on Treaty time limits, ending Race-Based funding, longer al) now becoming the legislative timetable, well perhaps like that we might see restorative justice and harm assessment health based drug policies come back on the upswing in a couple 0f years.

If only there was a way to make them appeal to the New Zealand version of the Soccer Mum, and all those other big unaddressed constituencies pollsters do so enjoy discovering. That for us, just quietly, is the Inner Redneck. You could call it the "none of that Maaaaaaarri bullshit" vote. Just a thought.


At 2:12 AM, Blogger sagenz said...

yeah gordy has done us all a favour. Have spent a wonderful few hours going around the links. Frontpagemag and the Ihatechomsky website gave a few interesting perspectives. something is gelling in my mind on the jews=capitalism thing and the idea that social welfare is only politically acceptable in homgenous societies like germany and sweden. not quite sure how that fits into the NZ model but there you go.
where does the labelling sit when you are happy for the greens to be there but wouldn't want them running the country. A nuance too far for some self proclaimed travellers on the left.

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Simon Pound said...

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At 10:09 AM, Blogger Simon Pound said...

there is some fascinating stuff. I'm not at all sure about the labelling. Not up to me I guess.
For the record I believe in left wing concerns and (predominantly) right wing solutions, free trade, lower taxes, mix of private/public provision of services, privatised healthcare(to a degree)etc etc etc.
The single idea that has cuased the most pain in the name of good ideals is socialism, and left wing thought is traditionally linked to socialism and central planning. I object to being 'left' if I have to subscribe to these ideas. And I object to being 'right' if it means I can not subscribe to the ideals of the left. Tricky huh?


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