Wednesday, September 22, 2004

King Canute

This is my take on David Irving. It was written for Fuse, but by a quirk of their deadlines will not appear till next Thursday. Hard to stay relevant with a week and a half between writing and printing -they didn't make it easy for themselves......

So David Irving is not allowed in the country and another inbred moron desecrates a Jewish grave, odd how actions in Los Angeles and Wanganui can be seen to be linked.
It was in Los Angeles that Irving tried to board a plane and our immigration department’s fancy new unwanted-visitor software alerted the officials that he wasn’t welcome. Not that I think for a second that it was really only left up to the computer program, but that is beside the point. The important thing was that this man, regularly, no - invariably described as the Holocaust Denier was deemed too incendiary to be allowed in the country.
On the face of it he was disallowed because of a safety check in our immigration law that allows us to turn away people who have been deported from a country. Because this is rather a broad provision that does not take into account the circumstances of the deportation its use is optional – that is the government of the day exercises the right to exclude someone by not exercising the right to overlook it. Sounds circular but simple really. Say a journalist was deported from an evil country for revealing evil truths, as the stock example goes, then they would be allowed to come here, regardless of that deportation. David Irving however is not a journalist and is most certainly not associated with truths. Though what he is associated with is ugly; ugly ideas, ugly methods and ugly results.
The oddest thing about Irving is that if his ideas that the Holocaust was not a systematic attempt to wipe out Jewry and that Hitler had no idea that it was carried out and that the numbers were much, much smaller than accepted were, in fact, correct there was no-one in the world in a better position to introduce them. Just ten years ago David Irving was one of the most respected writers on the Second World War and the prominent players like Churchill and Hitler. He was a bestselling author who also enjoyed kudos from academic historians for his unparalleled knowledge of the German archives. He was a media darling and the very picture of establishment credibility having helmed the definitive Churchill biography, volumes of which he is still working on, and interestingly were the actual reason for his desire to travel here to work on New Zealand war Prime Minister Peter Fraser’s archives (the invitation to address the National Press Club came later).
But even from this position the bulk of his revisionist views and assertions have been rubbished and his good-name, reputation and livelihood destroyed. Answer enough as to their validity, well to anyone but him.
Because still he fights, writing history no longer for our generation he says, but for the future. As a self-styled battler for free speech his fight now includes the New Zealand Government as adversary following from the rebuff at LAX. And to his ever-decreasing circle of well-wishers every moron in Wanganui who smashes a grave stone is seen as further evidence of that great Jewish conspiracy – to them it is not some redneck, unemployed, bored, drunk and stupid who smashes the headstone for attention, no it is Mossad fermenting discontent so Irving may not travel.
In the end free speech is the most important thing and the only way to stop hate crimes. Simply put, if Irving was allowed to come and his views warranted the scant attention needed to discredit them then no stones would be smashed and no ill-minded bigots empowered.

Talking to Irving was one of the most interesting things I've had the chance to do and has had interesting flow-on effects.
Like appearing here as Simon Pound ? and also on this site, a well known anti-Israel clearing house. Uncomfortable lodgings but at least the unflattering interview appears in full - unflattering to those positions at least.
If you'd like to check out the interview try it here I recommend it as it is by far and away the best interview I've done. If you listen to it and don't like it then may I also recommend you stay away from bfm on Thursday afternoons - you'll like my normal standard less again!

Like Canute and the sea, you can't stop free speech. Corny I know, but when will Helen lose the Crown.........It is this infernal fear of collateral damage to her Government that leads to these acquiescent weak decisions. Let the man in and he'd have far less attention payed to him - you are feeding his possible persecution delusions otherwise.


At 8:35 PM, Blogger Tony said...

yep, i disagree with irving all the way but he should have been allowed to come here.

nice piece. in fact, one of the few bits of fuze i've come across that isn't basically a squeal for more government money.


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